The Historic Resources Management Branch provides a range of programs and services to Albertans. Our articles highlight the work of our staff. RETROactive is written, edited and published by:

Darryl Bereziuk, Director of Archaeological Survey

Pauline Bodevin, Regulatory Approvals Coordinator

Alireza Farrokhi, Head of Conservation & Construction Services

Dorothy Field, Heritage Survey Program Coordinator

Laura Golebiowski, Aboriginal Consultation Adviser

Rebecca Goodenough, Manager/Design Program, Historic Places Research

Colleen Haukaas, Archaeological Permits & Digital Information Coordinator

Caroline Hudecek-Cuffe, Parkland Archaeologist

Ron Kelland, Historic Places Research Officer and Geographical Names Program Coordinator

Todd Kristensen, Northern Archaeologist

Carlo Laforge, Heritage Conservation Adviser

Courtney Lakevold, Archaeological Information Coordinator

Jared Majeski, Issues and Outreach Coordinator

Peter Melnycky, Historian

Marsha Mickalyk, Archaeological Permits and Digital Information Coordinator

Carina Naranjilla, Grant Program Coordinator

Larry Pearson, Director of Historic Places Stewardship

Allan Rowe, Historic Places Research Officer

Fraser Shaw, Heritage Conservation Adviser

Wendy Unfreed, Plains Archaeologist

Matthew Wangler, Executive Director, Historic Resources Management Branch

Tom Ward, Manager, Heritage Conservation Advisory Services Program

Aaron Wilson, Aboriginal Consultation Adviser

Robin Woywitka, Cultural Land Use Analyst



Gretchen Albers, Historical Consultant

Sandy Aumonier, Heritage Conservation Adviser

Alexandra Burchill, Regulatory Approvals Coordinator

Eileen Fletcher, Heritage Conservation Adviser

Matthew Francis, Manager, Municipal Heritage Services

Erin Hoar, Historic Resources Management Branch Officer

Judy Larmour, Historian

David Leonard, Historian

Ophelia Liew, Heritage Conservation Adviser

Brenda ManweilerManager of the Historic Places Research and Designation Program

Sheila Macdonald, Regulatory Approvals and Information Coordinator

Andrea Menard, Aboriginal Consultation Adviser

Jim Nakonechny, Heritage Conservation Technologist

Kerri Rubman, Heritage Consultant

Jeff Sterr, Historical Places Research Assistant

Michael Thome, Municipal Heritage Services Officer



Timothy Allan, M.A. Student, University of British Columbia

Mike Donnelly, Archaeologist/Independent Historian

Peggy Donnelly, Historian

Susan Feddema-Leonard, Willmore Wilderness Foundation

Monica Field, Manager of the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre

Lacey Fleming, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Alberta

Matthew Moors, Ph.D. Student, University of Calgary

Christina Poletto, M.A. Student, University of Alberta

Meg Stanley, Historian, Archaeology and History Branch, Parks Canada